How to Kick Start Your Writing to Boost your Personal Brand

May 18, 2017

One of the best ways to become known as the expert is to write. You could write to or for newsletters (association, corporate, community), newspapers (community, business, trade, weekly, daily), or magazines (general, trade, association, business).


Write a letter to the editor
This is the easiest way to be published. Watch for an issue that you feel strongly about or that touches your business. The issue doesn't have to relate to your business. This is just a chance for people to know you. Take a stand. If you can make your communication funny, that is even better. Write it well. The editors will correct grammar and edit for length. Sign the letter with your name and a moniker that you like, or your business name. If you find nothing gets your juices flowing enough to write a letter of opinion, write to the editor to say what you like about the publication. They always print those letters.


Write a letter to a columnist or writer
Some columnists never get mail, and they will love you if you write them a letter. Pick a columnist that you like. If you like them, there is a pretty good chance that they are similar to you in some way, and they will like you.


Write an article
Even if you think you can't write, write. Then edit your work by rewriting it again and again, until it sounds good. No one will ever know how many times you rewrote. When you admire a movie you never judge it by how many takes it took to get the shot, or by the film left on the editing room floor. When others read your article they see only the finished product, not the rewrites.


One of the easiest formats is a tips list.



  • The number one principle for success

  • Two ways of approaching . . .

  • Three questions to ask when buying . . .

  • Four cornerstones of . . .

  • Five key elements of . . .

  • Six steps to creating a . . .

  • Seven ways to save money

  • Ten tips when using . . .


  • The single biggest fallacy

  • Two dangers of . . .

  • Three wrong turns made by . . .

  • Four common mistakes

  • The five myths

  • Six major obstacles

  • Seven deadly sins

  • Ten ways to waste . . .


An effective way to kick start your writing is to pose a simple and powerful question.

  • How to… 

  • Why we need to change? 

  • What big mistake is hurting us? 

  • What surprised you about… 

  • What are the choices… 

  • What do you recommend…

Tell a story

Write about something that happened to you or someone you know. Personal stories of discovery work well. When you edit the story, take out the unnecessary details. Just make the point don't punish readers with all the gritty details.


Expose myths
State some common myths, then proceed to debunk them based on your expertise. This is where you can use unusual facts and figures.

If you can have a conversation and write a letter, you can write an article.


Don't let numbers fool you. I had an article published in a big-city paper with a distribution of 1.5 million, yet I received only a few comments. However, when I published in a national sales magazine with a distribution of 30,000, I received several calls and at least a dozen comments. Included were two requests to reprint that article in other publications.


The more you write, the better your writing will become. The more you write, the more others will read your words and appreciate your knowledge and perspective. The more you write, the more you will be perceived as a thought leader

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