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June 2, 2016



The Usual Suspects

You've brushed up on marketing tools 101 and now you're on a mission to become the best email campaigner. You'll notice that most of the marketing blogs focus on key actionable moments. They'll describe how to make sure that recipients actually open the email by crafting a subject line that 1. won’t go to junk, and 2. will rouse enough curiosity to warrant a click. The next pivot will be the call to action – that is, metamorphosing your readers to consumers via your website or landing page. What these blogs tend to leave out is the actual content of your mail-out or newsletter. But actually, the body of the email should be optimized in exactly the same way; the text must be precise, concise and engaging.


It’s a Tough Crowd

We're getting used to swiping out the things that don’t interest us - a potential date on Tinder, for me - a Mailfixer whose English is just not good enough, and of course, just another mail-out. Massive numbers of marketing emails swamp inboxes on a daily basis, many of which go straight into the trash. Steering a reader from opening the email to a successful call to action is no simple task, and failing to invest in the email text itself can serve to dissipate your other efforts. No matter how high your open-rate is and no matter how perfect your call to action, if the content of your email is unprofessional, if it lacks fluency or it misses the mark culturally, it'll be reflected in conversion rates.


Lost in Translation

With English being the language of choice for digital communications, regardless of your target region, creating a well-worded and laser-focused marketing email in English is especially important. Yet for globally-focused organizations and companies head-quartered in non-native speaking locales, making the text both sharp and fluent can often be a challenge. In addition, marketing cultures vary widely from country to country, and creating an appealing email is not as simple as translating your existing campaigns into English. Indeed, a literal translation will lose the brand’s voice and style. Furthermore, different countries have different consumer cultures, for example, Europe and the US. For this reason, Mailfixer segments our fixers based on native British-English or American-English speakers, in order to offer the highest level of service and precision to our clients, depending on their needs and target markets.


Body Building

The body of the text is where the reader determines whether your service or product is of interest. You want your email to be as short and precise as possible so that readers can understand your core message quickly and easily. This is where Mailfixer can offer a level of service that technology simply cannot match. Mailfixers are trained to make sure that every word in your message is doing its job, ensuring that the text flows and engages your audience. By making your text meticulous, culturally appropriate while preserving your brand's tone, Mailfixer can help local organizations and companies with international clientele increase their click through rate.


So when you write your next marketing email - create your catchy subject line and your convincing call to action, but put similar emphasis on the text of your email. Every word counts and writing a compelling message in a professional tone is just as important for strengthening your brand’s image of professionalism and trustworthiness to your metrics, as any other aspect of your marketing campaign.

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