The New "Professional" Entrepreneur

March 3, 2016


The internet has opened up a world of economic opportunity for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses worldwide. People have developed creative and innovative ways to use all sorts of skills and assets to build businesses or supplement income. These opportunities are part of what is called the “gig" or “sharing economy”. Platforms like Airbnb, Etsy, Fiverr, and eBay have allowed enterprising individuals to create their own opportunities no matter where they are, or what resources they might have available.


While anybody with an internet connection and something to sell or rent can join in the sharing economy, not everybody who jumps in will find success. One of the biggest barriers to online businesses around the world is the presentation of your goods or service; the greatest challenge is standing out from a very crowded space. Your presentation or sales pitch creates your first impression in a saturated marketplace and therefore must be conveyed professionally. With English emerging as the de facto digital language, inevitably your proposition must be in fluent, professional, and precise English, even if you're not a native English speaker. If your sales pitch in English doesn’t flow or engage your audience, potential customers and clients will find a professional service elsewhere. These are just a few of the social networks and marketplaces where your professional presentation has become essential:


LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is all about presenting your best self. Making a professional impression on potential clients or customers can help determine whether or not you get that job or gig you’re hoping to grab, or even simply having members reach out and growing your network. Your work experience must be written in concise, polished, and clear English, telling the story that you want to tell.


Facebook Business Page: Facebook is a vital tool for growing your business. Establishing a Facebook page and updating it regularly keeps your audience engaged, increases brand awareness, and serves as an excellent tool to generate leads. Most people’s Facebook walls are already cluttered with posts from friends and family, if your business is adding to the chaos with poorly written posts in English, potential customers won't notice it.


Airbnb: An Airbnb listing doesn’t simply sell lodgings, it sells an experience. Creating a description that entices renters to choose your home above all others is crucial to good business. Beyond an alluring descriptor, presenting your home using refined English text will show potential renters that you are trustworthy, reliable and most importantly, professional.


Etsy: One of the unique features that Etsy has engendered is the personal connection between buyers and sellers. Sellers are able to share the muse for their creations by writing compelling descriptions in English about the products they are offering. This is all part of the Etsy experience. Enhance your buyer's experience and desire to shop by crafting inspiring text for your “about shop” page as well as your product descriptions.


eBay: With a marketplace of products as vast and as global as eBay, professionalism pays. Professionally written text in neat and correct English generates feelings of proficiency and trustworthiness, the two most important factors for eBay consumers, who have thousands of products to choose from at the touch of a button.


Upwork/Fiverr – Your service offering can make or break a sale. With an infinite list of service providers, yet limited time, businesses are looking to connect with freelancers from whom they are sure they will receive a quality product and service. Your English blurb must be professional and effective to reflect your professional and effective offering. 


Writing in business English when you’re not a native-speaker might seem impossible, and if it is possible, will most likely waste your precious time. Luckily there are online tools that you can use to make sure that your writing is of the highest quality, conveys the correct message, and presents a professional image. One such resource is Mailfixer. Simply submit your email, blurb, content, post and everything in between at or send it to Mailfixer immediately assigns your text to a trained, native-English speaking Mailfixer for redrafting and then reassigns it to a second ‘mailfixer’ to make sure it’s perfect. The entire process takes just minutes and allows you to preserve your voice and the tone of your text (unlike translation).


Just as the internet has opened up avenues of opportunity for anyone who is willing to seize them, so has it created solutions to make sure that you can maximize these opportunities, no matter where you come from.


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